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Crown Headed Golf Tees

Crown Headed Golf Tees

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Intorducing The Crown Headed Golf Tees:

  • Crowd-Headed Golf Tees allow multiple golfers to tee off simultaneously from one tee box.

  • Durable and lightweight plastic materials ensure longevity.

  • Multiple heads on the tees are clearly marked for easy identification.

  • Reduces waiting times on the tee box during crowded outings or tournaments.

  • Available in various heights to accommodate golfer preferences and club selection.

  • Provides stability and consistent tee height for each golfer.

  • Promotes camaraderie and social interaction among players.

  • Suitable for golfers of all skill levels on any golf course.

  • Saves time and enhances the overall golfing experience for groups.

  • Made from special durable PC material for exceptional durability.

  • Can be reused hundreds of times without damage from club impacts.

  • Professional design with a 10° angle and a launch angle of 13.4°.

  • Reduces friction, side spin, and increases shot speed for accuracy.

  • Easy to install by inserting the tee at a 10° angle into the ground.

  • Suitable for golfers of all levels, from beginners to professionals.

  • Perfect for various occasions, from casual games to professional tournaments.

  • Demonstrates love and professionalism for golf.

  • Enhances golfing skills and accuracy of shots.

  • Adds a touch of premium quality to your golfing equipment.

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